Lots of Photos!

    I know, it has been ages since I last posted!  What can I say...we're not on vacation here...nor praying on our knees 24/7!  It is truly ora et labora!      I was recently contacted by a woman who wants to include our community in their "Nun Run" in spring 2011 - yea!  When I asked her how she learned about our community she said it was through this blog - so this poor neglected blog is doing some good!  When I feel a bit discouraged that I am unable to keep up with it on a regular basis I recall the wise words of G. K. Chesterton - "If something is worth doing...it is worth doing poorly."  Hmmm... that gives me hope!

   Late last summer brought us a delightful visit with Nancy Nickel, director of Communications at the Passionist Development Office for the Passionist men in the Holy Cross province.

    Nancy was here interviewing some of our Sisters for the spring edition of The Passionists. During her stay she generously answered our request to take some photos of our life - most especially of our Litury.  God bless and reward you Nancy!

   (Recall that Ane Kirstine was still an aspirant when these photos were taken.)  Hang on! There are a lot of photos here.