As contemplative nuns, our primary work is prayer. We dwell in the heart of the Church and, in union with Mary at the foot of the Cross, we lift up the needs of the world to God and become channels of His grace poured into the souls of all. If you have a particular prayer request that we can bring before the Lord, please feel free to fill out the form below, or call us at 270-233-4571. Your  requests will be read in a timely manner and will be kept confidential, only shared with the nuns who will lift up your intentions to the Lord.

Please type your prayer request here.
Dear contemplative sisters, without you what would the Church be like…? The Church greatly esteems your life of complete self-giving. The Church counts on your prayers and on your self-sacrifice to bring today’s men and women to the good news of the Gospel. The Church needs you! ...The world needs you every bit as much as a sailor on the high seas needs a beacon to guide him to a safe haven. Be beacons to those near to you and, above all, to those far away. Be torches to guide men and women along their journey through the dark night of time.
— Pope Francis, Vultum Dei Quaerere #6