We're so glad you are interested in coming on a retreat! To reserve your retreat date online, there are three steps. If you prefer to make a reservation by phone or email, or if you have questions, please call (270) 302-8023 or email retreats@passionistnuns.org.

  1. Fill out the Registration Form→

  2. Confirm Your dates with the Retreat Hostess→

  3. Make your Retreat Deposit→

Retreat Offerings

We ask for a retreat offering which covers the cost of your stay, including all meals. These contributions are essential for operating the facility and are the main means of livelihood for the Nuns. An additional stipend is requested for a retreat director. Please bring cash or check if you wish to visit our gift shop. Homemade baked items by the nuns may also be available at end of retreat for donation.


  • $90 per night per person including up to 3 meals per day

  • Additional meals: $8 per person


  • $90 per night per person including up to 3 meals per day

  • A discount is offered for large groups requiring double occupancy (please inquire)

  • Additional meals: $8 per person


  • $35 per person including lunch or supper, drinks provided

  • Additional meal: $8 per person


  • $30 per person including light breakfast and lunch, use of Passionist Saints Hall, drinks provided

  • 10 people and under: Individual Day of Recollection offering applies ($35/person)

  • Additional meal: $8 per person

Step 1: Fill Out the Registration Form

Please click on the proper button below to register online for either an individual or group retreat.

Step 2: Confirm Dates with Retreat Hostess

The Retreat Hostess will contact you to confirm whether your preferred dates are available. If your requested dates are not available, we try to find a date that works for you. Once your dates are finalized, you can make your deposit using the button below.

Step 3: Make Your Retreat Deposit

To confirm your registration, you must submit a nonrefundable deposit of $25 (or $100 for a group), which is deducted from the full retreat offering. Your reservation is complete once your deposit is received.

Individual Deposit ($25)

Group Deposit ($100)

Or: Pay Full Retreat Offering

You may also choose to pay the full retreat offering now. If you choose this option, you do NOT need to make a deposit. Click the button below to pay the retreat offering in full. Pricing details are listed at the top of this page. Feel free to use the calculator below to help you estimate your retreat offering.

Simple Retreat Offerings Calculator:

# of Retreatants x # of Nights x $90 + # of Extra Meals x $8/person =$


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come?

Retreats at St. Joseph's Retreat House will be scheduled for individuals, married couples, or groups of all Christian Faith Traditions.

What meals and food are provided? What if I have a special diet?

Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served in the Dining Room. Your meals will be prepared by our experienced retreat house staff. Please let us know if you have food allergies or restrictions. Because of our small kitchen staff, we are unable to provide alternative meals for those requiring special diets. However, our menus are well balanced and generally contain an option for everyone. If you want to bring special snacks or drinks, we have a large refrigerator available for our retreatants’ use.

Are your trails only for walking, or can I go for a run?

Our hilly trails, paved and unpaved, are good for exercise as well as meditative walks.

What is the dress code?

We ask all of our retreatants to dress modestly. Women should wear a skirt/dress or long pants in chapel; men should wear long pants in chapel as well. In warmer weather, short pants that come to the knees are also acceptable. A top with sleeves should be worn over a tank top. Athletic wear may be worn outdoors; leggings should be worn under short shorts.

Where should I go when I arrive? What if I can't arrive at my originally scheduled time?

Please go to the main monastery entrance and ring the doorbell. Tell Sister you are a retreatant. Please call the Retreat Hostess at (270)302-8023 if you cannot arrive at your original scheduled arrival time. The monastery entrance road gate closes and locks at 10:00 p.m. each night.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets cannot be brought on your retreat.

What if I'm travelling by airplane?

The nearest airport to the monastery is Evansville, IN. You are responsible for transportation to and from the monastery.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (270) 302-8023 or retreats@passionistnuns.org.


St. Joseph's Monastery & Retreat House
8564 Crisp Road
Whitesville, Kentucky 42378

Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and great cooking. I really appreciate you for allowing me to share in your silence and prayer. It is truly a noble vocation to be consolers of the Crucified Christ.
— Priest of the Archdiocese of Louisville
Many heartfelt thanks for your hospitality and prayers during these holy days of silence with the Beloved. They were precious days, sacred days. Thank you for opening your home so that others may escape for a time into the heart of Jesus and be renewed in mind, body, and spirit.
— Woman from Cincinnati, Ohio
Thanks be to God and to the Sisters for a meaningful and successful retreat weekend. Your hospitality is without equal. Your prayers [for me] obviously reached the ear of God, even before I arrived. I’ll be back next year.
— Man from Cadiz, Kentucky
I am glad that I came here to your monastery to be in solitude. Your hospitality has been perfectly overwhelming. Your facilities are fantastic. Your grounds are beautiful. And the best part is that our Lord and some pretty amazing Nuns are here. Thank you all for being here with Him in a most unbelievable way.
— Priest of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis
This has been one of the greatest weekends I have ever experienced! The grounds are absolutely beautiful and you feel like you are in another world—away from everything and as close to heaven as you can get on earth.
— Carol