When a young woman begins to sense a call to the cloistered contemplative vocation, often her first questions turn to her family and loved ones: How often will I be able to see my family? How much other contact will I have with them? What if my loved ones don't understand my vocation? How can I explain my discernment to them, so that they know I am trying to follow God's call, and that I still love them dearly? 

Often, too, parents and relatives of women who follow the Lord into contemplative life have their own questions, fears, and struggles. The contemplative vocation is a rare and little-known gift in our world these days, and it can be hard to know where to find answers and support in the struggle.  

This page is dedicated to discerners, their families, and their questions. The following articles are all written by real parents of nuns, for parents of nuns (or of future nuns). Many of our families have been able to meet and visit with each other here at the monastery, and their mutual support has been invaluable as they have struggled through their own questions, fears, and sacrifices in giving a daughter to the Lord as His bride. We hope that their words will bring similar support to you.