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A vocation to religious life is always a mystery. It is even more a mystery when this call is a call to leave the world and join a cloistered, contemplative community. There is a magnetic beauty about contemplative life which whets the human appetite for God. Contemplatives witness to the holiness of God and the unfathomable love which lies behind the story of Jesus. This truth has so captured our hearts that we are willing to leave the secular world and vow ourselves to live our baptismal life to the full. Click here to read about the signs of a religious vocation.

There are many myths and misconceptions about the cloistered vocation in our society today, which can discourage young women from considering the possibility of embracing such a life. Some think it was done away with after Vatican II -- it wasn't! -- some think that only a certain type of girl would have such a vocation, and some even consider it a safety net for anyone who "couldn't make it anywhere else." These myths could not be further from the truth!  Click here to read more about the gift of cloistered life.

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As Passionist Nuns, our spiritual home is the “cloister” of Calvary, where we dwell in the shadow of His wings – the outstretched arms of Jesus Christ upon the Cross. There, in union with Our Sorrowful Mother, we keep Him company in His Passion, we offer our lives with His in a loving sacrifice to the Eternal Father, and we strive to become channels of His grace, life, and love into our world.  Click here to read more about the Passionist Charism.

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Mother Catherine
Marie's Notebook

We continually find that our Passionist charism and contemplative way of life is not well known.  Even though our religious Institute has been in existence since 1771, the good news about the cloistered Passionist vocation still remains somewhat hidden in the shadow of the cross, and there are strange ideas often floating around about it.


This has prompted us to start a column here that will address these issues while shedding light on many others.  Hopefully, you will enjoy learning a little more about Passionist Nuns!  As a good friend of ours (a retired Air Force pilot) would say: "Strap yourselves in, because we are ready to fly over all this information!"

And 'fly over it' we will, as we merely touch on various aspects of our way of life.  It would take more than a whole library to tell the full story of our beautiful Passionist vocation!