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St. Joseph's
Retreat House

Monasteries are usually founded in places of great natural beauty. No wonder people looking for something missing in their lives have instinctively been drawn to make a retreat at monasteries where they can get back in touch with their deepest selves and their God-given destiny.

Our Retreat House and Chapel, located on a peaceful 170-acre site of beautiful woodlands, gives women and men of Catholic and other Christian denominations the opportunity to enter into a deeper relationship with God by sharing in our Passionist liturgical celebrations, while renewing and strengthening themselves spiritually and physically in a place of deep silence, solitude and prayer.

Year round, our Retreat House is open to both individuals and groups. Contact us for available dates! Or scroll down to learn more about what we offer.

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Retreat House Features

Outside the Retreat house

The monastery's many acres of woodlands, fields and meditation paths afford extensive space for walking, reflection, and prayer.

Inside the Retreat house

The Retreat House connects to St. Joseph Monastery chapel. It has private bedrooms, a dining room, library, and conference room.



These are private, self-directed retreats in the silence and solitude of our monastic environment. The sacrament of Reconciliation is available to our retreatants. Retreatants receive a private bedroom and bathroom. Meals are included.

Retreat Offering: $90 per night
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Group retreats may be silent, or include conferences. For a preached retreat, the group brings their own director and handles his/her fees. Each retreatant receives a private bedroom and bathroom. (See Pricing & Other Details for double occupancy rates.) Meals are included.

Retreat Offering:
$90 per Guest per night
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Days of

Either a private, silent day of recollection for an individual, or a group day of recollection that may either be silent or include conferences by a director brought by the group themselves. Inquire about meals we provide. Bedrooms are not provided.

Retreat Offering: $30-35 per guest
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Ignatian-style, private retreats guided by a trained spiritual director are offered periodically throughout the year. Retreatants receive a private bedroom and bathroom. Meals and stipend for the director are included. See each scheduled retreat for registration details.

Retreat Offering:
varies according to retreat
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Jesus calls you into solitude to speak to your heart words of eternal life, which will be sweeter than honey.
— St. Paul of the Cross
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Give the Gift of a Retreat

Give the incredible gift of a retreat at St. Joseph Retreat House! Gift certificates can be purchased for 1-7 nights for $90.00 per night. We will mail the gift certificate to its recipient and contact him/her to schedule dates that work. A personal message can be added to the gift certificate. Gift certificates include meals and a private guest room; they do not include travel to/from the Retreat House.

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