Celebrating Passionist Vowed Life

Pray for us as we enter into retreat! Our annual November retreat prepares us for our devotional renewal of vows on November 21st. This year November 21st falls on the last Sunday of the Church Year and the Solemnity of Christ the King. But normally this is the day of the feast of Our Lady's Presentation in the Temple. The tradition of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Temple was very dear to St. Paul of the Cross because it reminded him of his own consecration to God by the foundation of the Passionist Congregation. He wanted the first house of Passionists on Monte Argentario and the first Monastery of Passionist Nuns founded at Tarquinia to be dedicated to the Presentation of Mary. Hence this feast came to be celebrated among Passionists with much solemnity. Today, however, it commemorates the Blessed Virgin as the humble handmaid of the Lord, associated in the mystery of redemption, rather than the traditional Presentation of Mary in the Temple.

The Passionist Nuns throughout the world will be renewing vows on this day!  This day is also known as Pro Orantibus Day.


   We recently had a wonderful celebration for Sr. Marie Michael in honor of her 60 years of Passionist vowed life.  It was a surprise celebration and she was delighted.  Sister is also our sacristan and so a new pix and cruets were given for her gifts.

    Sr. Rose Marie and Ane Kirstine gave us some good laughs after the noon meal. We recently obtained a new microwave. This microwave actually gives messages on its little screen, such as, "Have a good day." etc.  The after-meal-entertainment was a creepy spin on this!

“When Technology is too Smart…”

Role of characters:

-Sr. Bright and Early

-Sr. Sleepyhead

-the Microwave

Introduction: Sr. Bright and Early and Sr. Sleepyhead are currently on their way to the kitchen on an ordinary morning to make their oatmeal for breakfast. To their surprise, a new high-tech microwave has been installed. But their initial experiences are drastically different.

(Enter Sr. Bright and Early)

(She goes to the microwave with her bowl and goes through the normal procedure of heating up her oatmeal. While she is waiting on her oatmeal…)


Microwave:Enjoy your meal!!!

Sr. Bright and Early:Why thank you!

(on her way to the corridor exiting the refectory, Sr. B&E runs into Sr. Sleepyhead who enters the scene now)

Sr. Bright and Early:Sister! You should try our new microwave… It’s so polite!

(Sr Bright and Early exits the scene)

(Sr. Sleepyhead goes to get her bowl, and goes to the microwave, examining it with interest. She presses the button to open the door…)

Microwave:Good morning!

Sr. Sleepyhead:Good morning (?)

Microwave:Please insert your dish.

(With a surprised expression, Sr. Sleepyhead puts her dish in and closes the door to the microwave. She presses the buttons for the timer.)

Microwave:One moment please….


Microwave:Enjoy your meal!!!

(Sr. Sleepyhead takes out the bowl, looks at the oatmeal…)

Sr. Sleepyhead:…Not quite warm enough… Just a bit longer.

(She puts it in for another minute, and stands by to watch with her hand on the button to open the microwave. She presses the button to open the microwave and takes out her bowl.)

Microwave:You lost 30 seconds!

Sr. Sleepyhead:That doesn’t matter… It was boiling!

Microwave:PUT IT BACK!!!I wasn’t done.

Sr. Sleepyhead:But I’m done! I don’t need to put it back! I’m ready to eat my oatmeal…

(A hand reaches out of the microwave and grabs the bowl back into the microwave and slams the door shut.)

Sr. Sleepyhead:WHAT IN THE WORLD! … HEY!!!!

(Sister pries the microwave door open and wrestles her bowl out of the microwave’s hand… Sister begins to take off in a hurry to leave the kitchen…)

Microwave:You’ve lost one minute! (Sounding perturbed)

Microwave:Fine! ... Don’t blame me when your meal is cold!

(Re Enter Sr. Bright and Early)

(Sr. Sleepyhead is on her way out of the refectory/kitchen when she runs into Sr. Bright and Early.)

Sr. Bright and Early:Sister! What’s the matter!

Sr. Sleepyhead:Ummm… You’re not going to believe this, but I think we need to have the new microwave exorcised.

Sr. Bright and Early: Really??? What for? I didn’t have any problems with it… I thought it was very nice.

Sr. Sleepyhead:Shhh!!!Don’t encourage it! It might hear you! … I’ve never had a real argument with a piece of machinery until today.

Sr. Bright and Early:Uhhh… Sister, are you feeling well?Perhaps some extra rest might do you some good. (Pats Sr. Sleepyhead on the back and goes on, exiting the scene)

(Sr. Sleepyhead stands looking after her looking bewildered. Looking up, she says:

Sr. Sleepyhead:Lord, from now on I’m using the stove top!

(Exit Sr. Sleepyhead.)


Sisters admiring a bouquet of flowers, a gift from our nuns from the Passionist monastery in Erlanger, KY after one of our Sisters underwent surgery. It was a welcome addition to the beauty of Sr. Marie Michael's celebration.

    More after-meal-entertainment!

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