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Rise & Shine & Give God the Glory

January 25th brought us the annual celebration of a Gaudeamus Day in honor of our superior, Mother John Mary.  Gaudeamus Days are always full of laughter and extra time for sisterly companionship, and this one was no exception. There was plenty of joy and hilarity to be had.  And well there should be: gaudeamus is, after all, Latin for "let us rejoice!"

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The Clothing of a Nun

The holy habit is a cherished part of our Passionist monastic life.   Every day, as the 4:30 am bell rouses us from our beds, we put on this garment of the Passion as a very tangible way in which we live our loving remembrance of our Crucified Bridegroom. We thought you would enjoy a glimpse into this little ritual that begins each Passionist day.

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