Autumn in a Kentucky Monastery

   We have delighted much in the change of seasons this autumn. We know once the leaves fall from the trees we will once again see much of the misery left over from the ice storm last February. But the Lord has been easing the transition for us by giving us a beautiful show.

    Here is a hilarious sight! During the ice storm this tree broke off just above the rope that was holding it in place. That rusty old stake is STILL doing its job!


Enjoy the tour!

Fog over the lake at sunrise


St. Paul of the Cross trail


The garden



The swing


The glory of the Crabapple Tree


See the half moon?


Our "Monte Argentario"


Novitiate members out for an afternoon walk


St. Joseph keeping guard over his monastery


A glimpse of the panoramic view one sees when entering the grounds of St. Joseph Monastery and Guest House.

    Have you made your annual retreat? I invite you to consider making a retreat on these holy grounds! Join us for the Liturgy...walk the in the silence of God's presence. 


O see how the cross is lifted draw all men unto Him... a day lived for the glory of God and salvation of souls... Goodnight!