Vandy Nun Run

    We recently had a visit from 5 wonderful young gals from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. They were on a "Nun Run" and we were blessed to be included as one of their many stops during their fall visit of various monasteries.

    At one point of the visit our electricity went off. We were in the parlor and there is no natural lighting so it was pretty dark. We teased them that once the electricity goes off all our doors automatically lock and they would just have to stay here. Now that the novitiate has taken over the cloth room Sr. Mary Veronica, Sr. Rose Marie and Ane Kirstine could make new habits for these Vandy Five and their discernment woes would be over! 

    It was a joy to have them with us. They just couldn't tear themselves away and decided to stay for a holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration after Vespers. Special thanks to Fr. John Sims Baker for encouraging them to include our monastery in their "Nun Run"!