Back to "ordinary time" in the monastery

     Greetings from the desert! Us "Marys" had a powerful, grace-filled 8 days of solitude. Our Bridegroom is so generous - He gives one a glimpse beyond the "Shadowland" - by way of dark faith of course; a peek into "Aslan's Country" as C.S. Lewis would say. God reward you* for all the prayers.

     As we approach First Vespers of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ I wanted to let you know we are thinking and praying for each of you, for all your spiritual and temporal needs. I hope to be posting again within a couple days! Please pray for our sister in the Lord - Kirstine -whose plane is landing about right now in Evansville, IN. She will be with us for a couple weeks seeking to know the Lord's will in her life.

*God reward you - monastic way of saying "thank you".