Into Solitude...

     It is retreat time here in the monastery...God be praised! In reference to the scriptures about Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus and friends of the Lord, we refer to the group of Sisters in retreat as the "Marys". They are free from work responsibilities and other preoccupations to spend 8 full days in solitude, seeking the Beloved of their souls and receiving His unconditional love. The other half of the Sisters we refer to as the "Marthas"; they have taken on the various communal duties - cooking, answering door bells, the phone, etc. (this year it worked out that our Spring newsletter is being stuffed and sealed at this time) The first half of the Sisters took their turn being on their 8 day retreat in April. Now it is the 2nd group's turn.


     Why am I telling you all this? Well, I thought you would find it interesting, but also to let you know that "Sponsa Christi"- the Sister-Blogger taking care of posting new articles is now a "Mary" at the feet of Jesus. Therefore, there won't be any new posts for a week. I look forward to getting back with you next week and sharing about our Corpus Christi procession and 3 full days of Eucharistic adoration. (Which will take place here in the monastery chapel May 25-27. Each evening there is a Holy Hour at 7p.m. All are invited to come worship our Eucharistic Lord - bring your family and friends!)


One of the "Marthas" working diligently on the newsletter!

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