Rest in Peace Second Founder!

Fr. Fabiano Giorgini, C.P. entered into his eternal reward April 28th (formerly the Feast of St. Paul of the Cross!)

     I have seen on various Passionist sites that our Passionist brethren are "waxing eloquent" on all Father Fabiano did for them. View an article here. We too would like to give a loving tribute to a man the Passionist Nuns call "The Second Founder."

     Father Fabiano Giorigini, C.P. worked tirelessly with the nuns in revising the Rule after Vatican II. In fact, others had given up hope that it would be possible to continue to have one Rule for a group of 32 autonomous contemplative monasteries spread throughout the world. After much study and intense work for over a decade with two different groups of Passionist Fathers the work had stalled. Then comes Fr. Fabiano to the rescue - literally! He begged for an opportunity to lead one more effort at updating the Rule. An international meeting of the monasteries took place May 27 - July 4, 1978 at the Passionist Nuns Monastery in Lucca, Italy (yes, the Shrine of St. Gemma Galgani!). After many meetings and a pilgrimage highlighting our Founder, St. Paul of the Cross' life, a consensus was reached. Praise the Lord!

     A Rule & Constitutions was composed in which the First Part would include the original Rule written by our Founder; the Second Part would contain the new text expressive of the Passionist contemplative charism today. The final approval for our Rule was granted in April 1979. This was record timing! Below is a photo of Fr. Fabiano and Sister Margaret Mary (Mother Superior at that time) in our chapel back in our old monastery. (We moved to our current monastery in December 1995.) They had a special ceremony where each Nun came forward and received her personal copy of the Rule & Constitutions. How keenly they must have felt our Founder's presence!

     We owe this man a great debt of gratitude. Only God knows what would have become of the Passionist Nuns if Father hadn't courageously intervened. In the name of all the Passionist Nuns - "God reward you Father Fabiano! And may St. Paul of the Cross and all the Holy Angles guide you into Paradise!"

Photo taken during one of Father's visits at our old monastery.

Saint Paul of the Cross and Fr. Fabiano, ora pro nobis!