Spirit of Love!

Passionist Pentecost

     As we await the coming of the Holy Spirit I wanted to share this icon with you. Isn't it marvelous? I would love to be able to view it in person. It must be quite large. The original is in the Passionist Nuns monastery in Gornate Olona, Italy. It was written by the Rumenian artist Aurel Jonescu.

     St. Paul of the Cross wrote MANY letters of spiritual direction. Here is a stirring excerpt of a letter to Mariana Alvarez - a lay woman, married and with children.

     I would like you to make this novena as did the apostles who...with Mary and the other holy men and women...returned to the cenacle and never ceased praying and inviting the Divine Spirit to descend into their hearts to set them on fire with his love. That is what I want you to do....prayer is to be made not in our way, but in God's way. Lose yourself in God, keep yourself recollected.

     With your hands joined and your eyes to heaven say: 'O Holy Spirit, Love of the Father and the Son, inflame me entirely with love...O Spirit of infinite light, infinite sweetness, come into my heart! Come, O Infinite Good! Come, Immense Love! Come, true and only God, into this poor penitent heart! Come, my Love! Come, my Sweetness, O my Light, my Happiness, O my Treasure, O my Riches, O my True Good, O my only Hope, O my God, O my All. Come, for I languish for love. Come, for I can no longer bear not to love you. Come and set me on fire to the marrow of my bones.'

     ...I ask you in making these acts to allow your spirit to be filled with peace and love. Make these acts gently and, if love causes you to be silent, be silent and continue with eyes raise high and, if you will, with arms spread wide, as long as you are alone.

     There are 3 days left of the Pentecost Novena. Let's take Saint Paul of the Cross' prayer and make it our own. May the Holy Spirit come upon us, our families and our beloved nation as never before!

Veni Sancte Spiritus! Veni Per Miriam!