By Msgr. Bernard Powers

            The graces of the Ascension of Jesus, the Risen Lord,
            Embraces us,
                        Filling our being with faith
                        And our hearts with gratitude and wonder and assurance.
                        Ascension=Jesus Returning to the Father with the
                        Redeemed Creation.     Ascension is the Leading into
                        The Kingdom of Heaven

            Jesus, the Son of God,
            Born the Son of Man at Bethlehem,
            Born of the race of Adam, born of the Virgin Mary
            A man like us in all thing but sin
                        Is now seated at the right hand of God the Father
                        In glory, equal….. in honor, equal… in holiness, equal.

                        To the Jesus, ascended and seated at the right hand of the Father
                        Be honor and glory…. Be praise and thanksgiving…
                        Be worship and adoration.

            Jesus, the Son of Man
            Who walked the hills of Palestine…
            Who knew the agony of thirst….
            And hardships of human living,
                        Now is seated at the right hand of God the Father
                        In praise and honor and glory.
                        We can get to Heaven too.

            The suffering and crucified Christ,
            The Man of sorrows, the Man of the Cross
            Who knew death in crucifixion
                        Is now ascended and is seated at the Right Hand of God the Father
                        In honor and glory…. The Lamb once slain is now raised to the right hand
                        Of the Father in blessing and praise and glory.
            Today Jesus leads All Creation before the throne of God
            In worship and praise – in this Feast of Ascension Jesus leads the
            Souls of the Just into the Eternal Kingdom.

            Jesus revealed the Father
            And is now at his Right hand in glory.
                        Therefore, we must believe.

            Jesus promised the fullness of eternal life
            And is now at the right hand of the Father,
                        Therefore we must hope.

            Jesus offered the way of love and union with God
            And is now at the right hand of the Father,
                        Therefore we must love.

                                The Ascension of Jesus
                                Is the absolute assurance to the authenticity of Jesus.
                                We need this feast and these graces,

            If you question the value of sufferings in life,
            Look to the Ascension.

            If you question the importance of prayer in life.
            Look to the Ascension.

            If you question commitment and loyalty to Jesus in life,
            Look to the Ascension.

            If you question your Catholic Faith
            Look to the Ascension.

                                What does the Ascension prove?
                                It proves that Jesus is right, necessary, loving.

            Before Jesus ascended
            He called his disciples together and gave them some directions and assignments.
                        ( My dad was something like this.  When he was going to be away from the farm
                        for a few hours or half a day, he would call us together and give us enough work
                        to keep us busy for four days…)

            Before Ascending
            Jesus gives his apostles something to do;
                        Go into the whole world…..
                        Proclaim the gospel….
                        Cast out devils….
                        Cure the sick
                        Exercise power in the church….

                                Jesus gave these directions to his disciples on the day of Ascension.
                                He gives you the same directions and commands today:
        You are to go into the whole world…Whitesville…Owensboro...
                                            You are to proclaim the gospel… whether you like it or not.
                                            You are to cast out devils. By prayer and fasting
                                            You are to cure the sick…. Though love and care and attention

                                            Jesus is ascended…..  but He has left you with responsibility.

            Jesus ascended into heaven:
                        At the right hand of God the Father.
                        Above principalities, powers, authorities….Choirs and classes of angels…
                        This human nature at the right hand of God.

            What does he do:
                        Intercedes for us…
                        Acts as high priest..
                        Leads All to the Heavenly Kingdom…
                        Brings all the blessings of God to us…

            I think the prayer of St Paul in the second reading today
            Is also the prayer on the lips of Jesus at the right hand of the Father;

            Jesus prays
                        That we have the spirit of wisdom…  and perception

                        That we have a full knowledge of God….

                        That the eyes of our hearts and minds be enlightened…so we hope

                        That we know the power of the Gospel…

                        That we know the power that raised Jesus from the dead..


            This is a great day for us….a great feast we celebrate…. A day of graces..

                    We congratulate Jesus.
                    We look to where he is.
                    We have hope to be with him.
                    We raise our minds and our hearts to heaven, to things above.

                                    Help us to follow Christ
                                    Into the fullness of eternal life.