Homily given by Dcn. Bill Bach for the Passionist Oblates, 2015

Many years ago in a country far across the big waters, in a small village in the center of Africa lived a Mystic who was very beloved to the people. The children loved to gather around her dwelling and listen to her stories. The elders and tribal chiefs would often consult her for her wisdom and guidance. Then one day the mystic went to her people and explained that there just wasn’t enough time for prayer and silence and asked if they might build her a hut somewhat remote from the village. At first her people were disappointed but then did as she requested.

Several months had elapsed when the young people who greatly missed her decided to go and visit her. When they arrived at her hut they sat around on the ground and waited patiently for her to appear. It was a long wait but suddenly she appeared with a sieve and a glass of water and proceeded to pour the water into the sieve. She then dropped the sieve onto the ground and walked back into her hut, never speaking a word.

The young people were confused and asked each other what this meant. After a while they slowly started to turn and make their way back to the village. One young man knew there had to be an answer to this puzzle and stayed. Suddenly the mystic appeared, picked up the sieve and quickly made her way down the path toward a small lake. She took the sieve and threw it into the lake and both of them watched as it disappeared into the water. The mystic then turned and walk back into her hut. The young man went home.