Parliamo l'italiano!

If you could eavesdrop on the monastery Arts & Crafts room some Saturday afternoon, you might hear something a little different from our customary work silence…

“Signore, questi fagioli non sono cotti!”

“Questa mattina, ho letto un libro sul San Paolo della Croce.”

…or other such foreign phrases. No, we aren’t breaking silence, we’re working hard to learn Italian! Sr. Maria Faustina is la maestra for a group of our Sisters who hope to foster communion with the Italian-speaking Passionist monasteries. Learning the language is also important for our knowledge of history; founded by an Italian, St. Paul of the Cross, many enriching documents on Passionist history and spirituality currently exist only in Italian. An extra benefit? We hear learning a new language helps to keep the brain healthy as you age. A good deal all around, non ‘e vero?