Easter 2019 - Exult, let us Exult!

Happy Easter! The Lord is risen, alleluia!

As part of our Easter celebrations, we often have an Easter Egg hunt in the cloister courtyard, and this year saw the revival of a past favorite: the Eggs-ultet Egg Hunt. Divided into two teams, the nuns had to collect all the eggs of a designated color. Inside their shelled treasures were slips of paper with lines from the Exultet prayer sung during the Easter Vigil. After the thrill of the egg hunt, we unscrambled the lines to compose the Exultet - it’s awfully long so we had a full copy of the text on hand to make sure we got everything in order! It was a joyful hunt and a good challenge to puzzle together the beautiful prayer proclaiming the light of Christ’s glory in the Resurrection.

And they’re off!

Like entering the kingdom of heaven, egg hunts require the heart of a child…and a willingness to stoop low!