Web Wednesdays: Passionists Around the World

This week's web feature is one of our favorite parts of the website: the Passionist Nuns world map!  To see it, head over to Around the World from the header navigation bar.


At the top of the page is some information about the origins and international scope of our religious congregation, but if you scroll down a bit you'll discover this snazzy map Inscape created for us (with great love, dedication, and possibly also some sweat and tears, we might add).

Every Passion Sign on the map represents the location of a monastery of Passionist Nuns, canvassing the world with prayer.  If you click on a Passion Sign, you can see more information about the nuns' communities, in many cases including photos and links to their websites.  So if you're heading on vacation, just check out this map and perhaps you can drop by the nearest monastery to pray with our Passionist family abroad.  Many languages in which to praise God, but one Passionist Charism to unite us.