Web Wednesdays: Lend a Hand, Spread the Word

So often we hear the question, "how can we help you?" or the very solemn injunction, "If ya'll need anything, just holler!"  God's merciful providence for His Passionist brides is on display in the great generosity of so many relatives, friends, community members, and a whole network of folks literally scattered across the globe, to whom we owe an immense debt of gratitude.  Today's Web Wednesday feature (the final one!) addresses just a few ways you can lend a helping hand even from a distance.


First, and most practically, we continue to have a page for online donations, with an updated, more user-friendly Paypal system.  Find that by selecting Support Us from the header navigation.

(And if you scroll to the bottom of the donation page, you will always find a group photo of our whole community, complete with all of our names!)


We have also added a page of Monastery Needs, for those who are looking to show their support more concretely.  There you'll find a list of current temporal needs of our community, along with a host of ways you can help to promote vocations to our community, not least of which is by your generous offering of prayers!


And finally, if you are of the tech-savvy, social-media-loving variety, you'll be interested to know that we now have a presence on Facebookwhere we link many blog posts and upcoming events - just a click or two, and you can easily spread the word about the Passionist Nuns in Whitesville, KY!


To all the heroic souls who've stuck with us through the Web Wednesday series, alas, we have come to the end.  Now, back to your regular scheduled programming of spiritual reflections, monastic events, and a healthy dose of nunny humor.