The Unending Joy of Easter

Having just passed the half-way mark of the Easter Season, we thought it was about time to share some photos from our Easter Egg Hunt.  On Divine Mercy Sunday, octave day of Easter, some of our Junior Professed Sisters put together an egg hunt culminating in a very silly activity - they tell us the silliness was because Easter fell on April Fool's Day this year, but we suspect they just wanted to incite a few extra laughs.  Here are a few of our intrepid hunters, braving the boggy soil and chilly day to fill their baskets:

After the hunt, we betook ourselves to the library to crack open our collections, discovering the eggs to be filled with slips of paper bearing questions and answers to many of life's difficult questions.  We gave all the answers to a Sister deemed exceptionally wise (because she found the most Easter eggs, of course) and took turns asking her our burning questions.

Why do spiders like my cell so much?
Because in times of suffering we still have to have faith.


Why are the peanut butter jars getting dusty?
Because it’s Easter.

...and our favorite...

Why do you love me?
Because Our Holy Founder said so.