Rise & Shine & Give God the Glory


January 25th brought us the annual celebration of a Gaudeamus Day in honor of our superior, Mother John Mary.  Gaudeamus Days are always full of laughter and extra time for sisterly companionship, and this one was no exception. From the big breakfast of homemade scones and fancy fruit salad, through the community viewing of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe, to the grand finale of the day with square-dancing and pizza, there was plenty of joy and hilarity to be had.  And well there should be: gaudeamus is, after all, Latin for "let us rejoice!"

We thought you would especially enjoy a peek at our after-meal entertainment, pulled together by the younger sisters under Sr. Catherine Marie's guidance and inspiration.  They started with a quodlibet in which each of the five parts, sung simultaneously, mimic the sounds of orchestral instruments.


The orchestra is a beautiful image of community life, with each of the unique instruments contributing to the music, just as each Sister brings her own experiences, ideas, and gifts to her community.

Then, the same Sisters performed a new version of the song, rewritten so that each part reflects one of the various (and hilarious) responses people may have to the rising bell, the voice of God calling us to awake and begin the new day.  This slideshow tells the story, and the words of each part are below.

Sr. Somnia Maria:
(sung first time only)
At half past four in the morn,
I’m sleeping soundly,
My pillow’s so soft and warm,
And sweet are my dreams.
(sung each subsequent time)
My bed is so cozy,
And dreamland is rosy,
My bed is so cozy,
Roll over again.

Sr. Mary Sunshine:
Good morning, sun!
The day’s begun,
And so much joy & fun
Is yet to come.
The bell will ring,
We’re off to sing
The praises of
Our God and King.

Sr. Observata of the Holy Rule:
The rising bell’s ringing
Ta ta ta ta-ta ta ta, ta, ta-ta ta!
It’s time to get up now
Ta ta ta ta-ta ta ta ta!

Sr. Talitha Koum:
I can’t believe
I have to get up.
I can’t, I can’t,
Where’s my coffee cup?

The Voice of the Holy Spirit:
Good morning, dear Sisters,
It’s time to wake up now.
Get up!  Get up!
Get up, up, up, now!