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How's about a blog entry regarding how you beautiful ladies are transitioning for the new missal and your thoughts regarding the changes it brings. Are there any materials you've found particularly helpful as you prepare?

~ A request from one of our Texan friends!

All of us Sisters have been looking forward to the implementation of the Revised Roman Missal on November 27, 2011, the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the Church Year. I have been counting down the weeks for some months now! We have had MUCH choir practice and have learned a couple of very beautiful new Masses. We have also brushed up on some of the Latin Masses. When our two new Roman Missals arrived the Sisters gathered around them "oohing" and "ahhing" all during recreation.

Here are some reasons we are joyfully anticipating the changes

  • It is an opportunity to enhance our worship of God and deepen our participation in the sacred mysteries of the Liturgy.
  • The new translation of the Mass preserves more fully the theological tradition captured throughout the centuries in the liturgy. It also clearly communicates the many biblical allusions and vital theological concepts that are expressed int he Latin original and were lost in the first translation
  • The translation as a whole uses more "heightened" style of English that is less conversational and nobler in tone. This style more closely parallels the Latin text and helps us express an even greater reverence and humility in praying to God in the Mass.
  • It's a unique moment in the English-speaking world to catechize about the Holy Mass!
  • As baptized Christians, as nuns, we want to grasp with greater and greater depth the meaning of what we say and do every day at Mass - so that we can more generously give ourselves to God in the liturgy and encounter him more fully, especially in Holy Communion.

This is a unique moment in our Church! This is THE most significant liturgical development for English-speaking Catholics since Vatican II! It is an opportunity to delve more deeply into these sacred mysteries that can become mechanical when done out of habit one's entire life. These changes will take us out of our routine and provide an opportunity to ponder anew "why we say what we say and do what we do in the Mass."

I hope you are growing in a sense of excitement about the upcoming changes like we are.

Here are some resources you might find helpful...

I have been reading articles in various periodicals as they come into the monastery, i.e. National Catholic Register, diocesan newspapers, Catholic magazines, etc.

Several weeks ago I read an excellent article by Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, OSB on the Mass Collects.

I was excited to see that Fr. Driscoll knows his stuff - for he is an advisor to the Vox Clara Commission. So, for my study period I googled his name and found some talks he gave on the New Roman Missal (I've only listened to the first part of #10 but it sounds promising) - perhaps you might benefit from them too.

Book: Biblical Walk Through the Mass (by Dr. Edward Sri - looks good but I have not read it)

DVD: New Roman Missal by Msgr. Moroney - Executive Secretary of the Vox Clara Committee - EXCELLENT

Dr. Edward Sri helped me articulate my thoughts above through A Guide To The New Translation of The Mass

May the Mass changes beginning during this Advent Season help you to experience the Mass as never before and lead you into a more fruitful worship experience.

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