Joy as a Passionist Novice

Our 8 1/2 month-old novice - Sr. Cecilia Maria - recently wrote this poem reflecting on the meaning of her identity as a Passionist novice. May it take you on a journey into the true meaning of JOY in your life.  

Let me tell you of joy:

Joy to be called

and joy to be chosen.

Joy to have asked

and joy to have been received.

Joy to be unworthy.


Joy to be clothed,

clothed in mourning

clothed in penance

clothed in Passion.

Joy to be Passionist

in outward dress

in inmost heart

in life transformed.

Joy in these royal robes of Christ’s own poor.

Joy to be named:

Cecilia (may my virginal heart hymn to Thee as her’s!)

Maria (may my fiat be as tireless, my love be as faithful!)

Joy to be titled:

of the Body of Christ (for I am no longer my own.)

Joy to be claimed by such a Master!


Joy to have journeyed,

and joy to journey on.

Joy to have found Thee,

and joy to seek anew.

Joy everlasting!

Joy in Thy Sorrows,

and joy in my share.

Joy in oblation

joined to Thy own Sacrifice.

Joy overflowing.


Joy in Thy betrothal,

so longed for, so sweet.

Joy in Thy tender Love,

and joy to discover

that I may love Thee in return.