St Michael - Defender of Passionists

Blessed Feast of the Holy ArchangelsMichael, Gabriel and Raphael!


Did you know that St. Michael made a special appearance when the first Passionist Retreat (monastery) was being built?

Some townsfolk - angry about the new monastery and determined to vandalize it and prevent it from being completed - approached the monastery only to find St. Michael astride the building, flaming sword raised aloft. Needless to say, they turned around and ran for their lives. St. Paul Cross understood that his Congregation was under the protection of St. Michael, which was a great comfort to him and continues to be for us today!

St. Michael is one of the main patrons of our Congregation and we keep this day as a special feast with heavenly antiphons chanted at Morning and Evening Prayer, beautiful flowers in chapel and sometimes Sr. Sacristan will bring out the special statue of St. Michael crushing Satan's head.