A Crazy Yet Holy Week in the Cloister

    "Life around here has been pretty crazy lately". This has been our comment for about the past 2 1/2 weeks and especially this past week. Do you ever feel as though you don't know whether you should laugh or cry? That's how we've been feeling.     I know some of you look for photos to catch your attention. There aren't any in this post but I think you'll find it interesting anyway...


    In late April our Sr. Margaret Mary was given 2 weeks to live. She had been suffering from last stage of multiple myeloma cancer for over a year. We and her family and loved ones are grateful for the time we had to spend with her day and night these past weeks. She went home to God yesterday, Tuesday, May 10th at 10:30 a.m.  She was a very private person; that is why we didn't post this info earlier.  It has been quite a roller coaster ride.  Now we prepare for the wake which will be here at the monastery Thursday 1 - 7 p.m. with prayers at 7 p.m. and on Friday visitation at 12:30 and funeral at 2 p.m.

    I hope you will read her lovely journey to Passionist life on our website. I don't have time to post photos but you can see some when you read her story. Please pray that she will enter fully into the fiery love embrace of the Most Holy Trinity - her Love and Life. Rest in eternal peace faithful bride of Christ!


    Now...here is a little peek at Passionist life in St. Joseph monastery this past week.  I took at Sister to a doctor and ran errands last Thursday afternoon. When I got home another Sister who is in her mid-70's had a bad fall running to answer the phone.  We took her to Urgent Care, got x-rays at RDI, back to urgent care – she has a broken bone near the rotary cup. She hit her head hard too and passed out. She’s a tough cookie. She’s still smiling. Thankfully the bones had not separated and it looks as though she won't have to undergo surgery.

    Then, upon waking Friday we discovered that the walk-in refrigerator had gone out over night so we had to find place for all the food. Blessed be God the repair man got it up and running yesterday.

    Then the pie auction was last Friday evening and we were slated to bake 8 pecan pies for it!  I hope they brought in a pretty penny for a good cause (a home for children with mental and physical challenges).

    Saturday and Sunday we spent much time with Sr. Margaret Mary as it was thought she could die any moment.

    Sunday evening Christie came down with a bad cold.

   One of our Sisters had surgery Monday; she is in her mid-80’s. She had cancer that had to be removed.   Thankfully the doctor is confident she got all the cancer and it had not spread. Our Sister is a trooper and is coming around. We are keeping watch with her day and night. I was with her for half the day yesterday. She’s actually smiling when the nurse makes her sit up in a chair and is walking down the corridor. The nurse said she is doing better than some of her 30-something patients do! 

   Right at the moment Sr. Margaret Mary took off for heaven Tuesday morning a group of 3 discerning gals were pulling into the monastery grounds. They had driven up from Nashville. They attended a nun-run here last year and Passionist life had been on their hearts ever since! I think they had a short and sweet little visit. Hopefully we’ll see more of them!

    Last night we found that that water purifier in the dining room had broken down and was leaking…ah…one sister said that perhaps it was a little jealous at all the attention the refrigerator was getting!

    All ye future Passionist Nuns...do you see what you are possibly getting yourself into?


    Please keep us in prayer as we do all of you.  As we had this crazy week, we kept saying among ourselves, something must be going on that our Lord is asking all of this of us. We lovingly and wholeheartedly offer it with Jesus to the Father. Our lives belong to HIM.  May He be praised in the good times and in the difficult times!  Alleluia!

    Special thanks to all our friends and loved ones who have helped us out in so many ways these past weeks.