Random Winter Scenes


    Our lake has frozen and thawed numerous times this winter. Once, we found a number of turtles along the perimeter of our lake, some baby turtles on the backs of the larger turtles, perhaps they are getting some sun through the ice??? This furry friend was quite interesting - he/she is covered in moss and a bit large! 


Nuns sled too!

Sr. Mary Andrea, who is in temporary vows for almost 3 1/2 years now, is about to get a nice push down the hill by Sr. Mary Veronica - her former novice directress!

Our aspirant Liz hails from southern Texas. She has adjusted quite well to our cooler weather and loves the snow!  And our Lord has given her plenty of it since she arrived January 5th.

Ane Kirstine here - perhaps she is so happy as she knew she would soon be receiving the holy habit!? This photo was taken in her postulant days.

Let it snow!

Just lovely...and with an equal loveliness is Spring... which is just around the corner!