Clothed in a Sacramental

    A religious habit, because it is blessed, is a sacramental - an instrument of God's grace to the one who wears it and to those who see the religious. Wow. What a privilege to wear this garment - to live a life worshiping, serving and loving the Lord in holy attire. (cf. 1 Chronicles 16:29)

Ane Kirstine in prayer before the Vestition ceremony...



Some moments from the Rite of Vestition



    "Ane Kirstine, what do you ask from us?"

    "Through the mercy of God, I desire to receive the holy habit, and to enter the novitiate, that I may follow Christ Crucified wholeheartedly in the Institute of the Religious of the Passion of Jesus Christ."

    "Let us pray...Lord God, You give us the desire to hear and answer Your call. Listen favorably to the prayers of Your servant, Ane Kirstine, as she asks to join our community. Grant that our life in common may become a communion of love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."


Don't miss Mother Catherine Marie's powerful exhortation given during the vestition ceremony.

Ane Kirstine receives the holy habit...


The newly vested novice enters chapel and stands in exultation, wonder and adoration before the Tabernacle of the Most High - her hoped-for Bridegroom.

"Take Lord, receive...give me only your love and your grace, that's enough for me, your love and your grace are enough for me..."

The conferring of the new name and title ~ Sister Cecilia Maria of the Body of Christ ~

The reception of the Holy Rule & Constitutions ~ a cherished guide to holiness of life.

The Kiss of Peace


And there was great rejoicing!


Aspirant Liz, novice Sr. Cecilia Maria and superior Mother Catherine Marie

Our current novitiate... who will be the next valiant woman to join their ranks?  

 One happy novice!

The Daughters of the Passion, not only by their habit, but much more so in their heart, in their mind and and in their labors, should continually mourning for our Crucified Lord, and anoint His Most Holy Wounds by the continual exercise of every virtue, since this is the purpose of the Institute.

~ Saint Paul of the Cross