One Hundred Years in North America!

     Christie and Sr. John Mary are about to take off to travel to Pittsburgh to join in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Passionist Nuns in North America; this will take place in our Passionist Nuns monastery Sunday July 11th.

     In doing some research we came across this newspaper clipping from the New York Times in January 1910!

    A photo of our holy mothers who landed in New York April 27th, 1910. At that time this day was the eve of the Feast of St. Paul of the Cross. These courageous women were from the first monastery founded by St. Paul of the Cross in Tarquinia, Italy (later the town was named Corneto).  They suffered acute sea sickness but other than that fared well in their travel to America.

    The actual foundation anniversary, when they moved into their temporary monastery, is July 9th - the Passionist feast of our Lady of Holy Hope.

    The Passionist Fathers also made their first foundation in America in the city of Pittsburgh. These fathers began planning to bring the Passionist Nuns to America as early as 1860. From this small beginning there are a total of 5 monasteries of Passionist Nuns in the United States and one in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and England.

    Please pray for a safe journey and a grace-filled celebration.  We look forward to sharing more photos and history with you in the coming weeks.