Hard at Work and Play

  Some people have just crazy ideas about nuns - hard to believe I know.  I was putting gasoline in the van the other day and a woman tentatively approached me asking if I talked.  Well, I reassured her that I could talk and would talk to her!     Other people have the impression that we are on our knees praying all day!  It is true that our vocation in the Church is prayer but there are a lot of other activities going on as well.  For one thing, we work hard!  Recently the younger Sisters were caught on camera during their time working on the Passion Sign on the hill. 

    We also play hard...taking care of one's physical body is necessary to a well-rounded monastic life.

    Yes, nuns drive tractors and nuns ride bikes!

Distrusting their own strength and with humble confidence in the Word of God, they practice mortification, custody of the senses and of the heart. They use the natural means which foster physical and mental health and the development of a sound emotional life. They cultivate a healthy climate of sincere friendship which sustains in the community a strong affective life beneficial to the development of the human person.

Passionist Nuns Constitutions #21