All ye creatures, bless the Lord!

     It was recreation time and we were just sitting down to play a game of cards when Sister rushed in to tell us there was a "bug with really large antlers". Or so we thought that's what she said...we've seen plenty of bugs...but bugs don't have antlers - she said a "buck"! So we ran to the door and sure enough there was a very large buck with a nice rack of antlers. Definitely worth getting up from the table to see!


      No picture of the buck...he's camera-shy.


 More beasts wild and tame!

    Danny Boy doesn't mind getting his photo taken. Here he gets into the spirit of St. Patrick's day! Yes, this photo is a wee bit outdated but better late than never!

 Remember those cool days of not so long ago?

    We have many "beasts, wild and tame" in our area...deer, geese, heron, wild turkey (once a Sister thought she was seeing an ostrich in the woods - just a huge turkey!) coyote, racoon and so forth. Thankfully there are no bear in our area of Kentucky, but there have been sightings of panther in a neighboring county.