God reward you for your prayers!

    To our dear friends and family...Sr. Rose Marie and Sr. John Mary made it back to the blessed enclosure safe and sound! Thanks so much for all your prayers. Due to God's abundant blessings it was a most grace-filled trip for the Sisters and also for Sr. Rose Marie's family and her friends Charlotte and Kimmy. God reward you Charlotte for paying for that tank of gas; you are such a dear friend and also to Mark and Karen for paying for our breakfasts - that was one crazy trip to McDonald's! :)

Fr. Mark Mary MFVA, Sr. John Mary CP, Sr. Rose Marie & Doug Barry on the set after the live show.

    Some were asking about encore presentations - there is one more encore show tonight (Sunday) at 10 p.m. central time and you can find the archived video on this page.

    Thanks for all the wonderful and supportive messages so many of you have sent to the Sisters. We're so glad you enjoyed the show. We pray it will bear fruit in many young, holy and healthy vocations. Stay tuned for more photos and reminisces of this blessed trip in the coming weeks.