More on monastic work

    After posting Sr. Mary Andrea's sharing last week I thought I would also share with you some excerpts from our Rule & Constitutions regarding our spirit of monastic work.

Sisters shelling pecans during recreation.

These first two quotes are under the section entitled Vow of Poverty #27 & 28

They choose to live together sharing all things. They place their talents, work and time at the service of the community and of the Church...

The Passionist Nuns lovingly submit to the common law of work (Perfectae Caritatis 13) and thus provide necessary means for their livelihood. Following the example of Jesus, they work for the glory of the Father and the good of all mankind. They cast aside all undue worry and trust in the Providence of their Heavenly Father. (Matthew 6:25)

Sr. Mary Andrea working in the kitchen during her aspirancy

These 2 quotes are under the section entitled Community Life #76 & 77

To work is God's command (Genesis 2:15), both for the development of the individual and the cooperation of all in the progress of the human race. Without weakening the spirit of their enclosed life, the Passionist Nuns live out this obligation, providing for their own upkeep, ensuring healthy personal balance through the development of their faculties and talents and helping others in their responsible service of charity.

The nuns willingly fulfill the offices and works entrusted to them, helping one another especially if the work is heavy, remaining united to the Lord who chose to live in this world as "the carpenter's son" (Matthew 13:55). When possible, the religious work in solitude; when working together, they maintain silence and recollection.

This from A Life of Conversion & Penance #67

For the love of Christ, they generously embrace as their first work of conversion and penance the difficulties of daily life...They spontaneously and joyfully give themselves to the various kinds of work required in the monastery.

Aging and Sick Nuns #81

The aging nuns pass their days in serenity of spirit, conscious that though their energies and capacity for physical work and service have diminished, their lives are precious and fruitful for the community and for the Church. They intensify their contemplative prayer by uniting themselves with Christ, Crucified and Risen, as they await His coming. The community shows the aging nuns appreciation and esteem for the heritage received as the fruit of their faithful work.


 P.S. Do you wonder sometimes why you seem to see the same Sisters in most of the photos and some Sisters you never see? Well, some have a knack for ducking or just plain disappearing when the digital camera appears on the scene!