The Storm

   We have had quite a time here the past 5 days with no electricity or heat. Our generator did keep the freezer and refrigerator running and we have gas stoves - what a blessing from the Lord! Once I get some photos developed I will share with you about the great ice storm of 2009. Until then be inspired by this poem of Msgr Powers who has spent these days (along with our devoted chaplain Fr. Ray Clark) in our guest quarters (interior rooms which were the warmest in the monastery!).  Also, pray for all those still without heat, etc.

  The Storm

Master of the storm: God

The storm assertive: Commanding surrender

Beauty birthed in pain: Authenticity

Motion brought to stillness: Conflict

Water held in ice: Imprisoned

Ice crushed to water: Freedom

Nature humbled man: Servant

Time slowed to sacredness: Mystery

Silence demanded listening: Music

Trees breaking to pieces: Pruning

Communication held in boundaries: Confinement

Light captured by darkness: Night

Cold chilling to the bone: Suffering

Darkness obedient to the candle: Journey

A buzz - a flicker - light - heat: Freedom!

Guest of the storm: God

by Msgr Powers - Ice storm of February, 2009