Shannon thanks you for your prayers!

     Wow! Do I have a lot to share with you - this is going to be a long post...and hopefully this will be a nice treat for you our dear blog friends as "Sponsa Christi" is going to be out of the blogosphere for 3 weeks.

     Before leaving I wanted to follow up on the promise I had made earlier of sharing with you about our aspirants. Before coming for a live-in Shannon had just graduated from Texas A & M in December and was searching high and low for a job..."how does one use a B.A. in English when she doesn't want to teach?" Through the providence of God and she found our website and also met a Passionist priest - Fr. Cedric Pisegna - when he was giving a mission in Houston. This was the catalyst that put her in touch with us. Once she got here, she fit in so well, that after prayer and reflection, we asked her to stay on for the aspirancy program to further discern her vocation. She says there are many things that draw her to our community but the greatest is her "thirst for God". Shannon loves to write poetry, she also paints and plays violin.


     Shannon leaves Friday to return home, spend time with her dear family and prepare to enter the postulancy. That's correct! Both she and Sharon have been accepted to enter the postulancy in July. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to seek and respond to God's call in their lives. And keep their friends and families in prayer as well.

     Kirstine will be returning home after her 2 week live-in. She was a joy to have with us! Keep her in prayer as she continues seek where our Lord is calling her to give herself wholly to Him.


Kirstine and others enjoy a rousing game of "monastery bowling"! And who said a nun's life is dull???

     I hope to write again at the end of June. Let's remain united in Jesus through Mary!