Spiritual Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to our Spiritual Mother par excellence and Spouse of the Holy Spirit!

     ...and Happy Mother's Day to all religious sisters who are spiritual mother's of souls! Have you thought much about this fact...that consecrated women are "spiritual mothers"? If you have never considered it I invite you to do so. And there is a crying need for spiritual mothers! Souls who will offer themselves in union with Christ to bring the fruits of redemption to men and women TODAY...right now...in Myanmar, in all those places torn by war and natural disaster, by abuse and neglect and so on.

     In fact, a recent letter from the Congregation for the Clergy heartily recommended to the people of God Eucharistic adoration for the sanctification of priests and for priestly vocations. It also noted the need for religious women, consecrated to God, to renew their commitment of spiritual motherhood for priests and all of God's sons and daughters. A beautiful book was published earlier this year full of stories of mothers and Consecrated women whose lives of self-sacrifice greatly influenced vocations especially to the priesthood. Don't miss reading it here.

     In our Rule & Constitutions in the section on the Vow of Consecrated Chastity there is a meaningful paragraph on spiritual maternity:

     "United to Jesus Crucified with bridal love, they live profoundly the death-resurrection mystery which begets the serene and intimate joy of spiritual fecundity in Christ."

     To all of you Catholic, single young women...is Jesus calling you to be His spouse? Joining you to Himself in an intimate way and making you a partner in the redemption of the world? If He is calling you may our Blessed Mother obtain the grace for you to give a generous response!