The Retreat: A 7 star rating! Was like having a vacation with God!  I was in heaven and everything just flowed with ease and grace.
— Michele
Thanks to you all for another wonderful week of silence, prayer, and God’s beauty of creation. I do hope to be back next year.
— Fr. Jason Gries
My husband and I had an amazingly life-changing experience there this weekend. The room was wonderful and the food was delicious. Thank you so much for facilitating this time for us.
— Ana
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Coming here is one of the greatest consolations of my year. Thank you for taking care of me as unto Jesus this week. Your prayers and love are gifts that point me to Jesus.
— Virginia Bousquet
Thank you for all that you did to help create and maintain a wonderful retreat experience. The food was delicious and the environment beautiful. It’s always like getting away to a ‘taste of Heaven.’
— Debbie
Thank you for sharing your home with me, your silence, smiles, and charity. Thank you for all the meals; I was treated like a queen! But most of all, thank you for your prayers and the beautiful Liturgies you have here.
—  Sr. Joseph Maureen
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to come to St. Joseph’s Monastery and make a retreat before my ordination. It was such a great gift to be on retreat with all of the Passionist Nuns assisting me with their prayers!
—   Rev. Mr. Charles Vreeland, FSSP

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"I am glad that I came here to your monastery to be in solitude. Your hospitality has been perfectly overwhelming. Your facilities are fantastic. Your grounds are beautiful. And the best part is that our Lord and some pretty amazing Nuns are here. Thank you all for being here with Him and for giving yourselves over to Him in a most unbelievable way." --Fr. Dustin Boehm

"Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality! I will be returning to St. Joseph’s one day because it was such a great experience for me." --Fr. Stuart Priddy

"Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and great cooking. I really appreciate you for allowing me to share in your silence and prayer. It is truly a noble vocation to be consolers of the Crucified Christ." --Fr. David Carr

"Many heartfelt thanks for your hospitality and prayers during these holy days of silence with the Beloved. They were precious days, sacred days. Thank you for opening your home so that others may escape for a time into the heart of Jesus and be renewed in mind, body, and spirit." --Julie Damon

"Words can’t express the gratitude I hold in my soul for you all, your incredible monastery, and the sheer blessing that coming on retreat has been. Watching you, Sisters, I have seen the sanctity of the everyday. How even the smallest tasks can become holy. It is as though your lives are a prayer themselves, a gentle, intentional reflection of heaven." --Erika Espeseth

"My time here with you all has been so peaceful and blessed! Thank you for your mighty prayers, quiet service, and joyful presence!" --Kate

"'Thank you' seems so inadequate for all of your kindnesses and service. From our first contact I knew I would be welcome and at home at St. Joseph’s Monastery, and indeed, such has been the case. The Lord has blessed me beyond compare by simply being in the presence of the wonderful nuns, postulants, and yes, the affiliate, as well as the staff working behind the scenes. This has been time well spent, and there is no doubt I will return home better equipped for service to the Lord." –Stan

"Thank you so much for praying and serving. This weekend has been amazing!" --Rachel

"Thank you for creating such a place of beauty and serenity. I came in this weekend carrying the weight of the world. God invited me into his embrace and reminded me of his love, and that has given me a renewed perspective." –Jackie

"Before the retreat with you, I had kept the TV on all day for company. Since returning home, I rarely have the TV on except for a few EWTN programs. With you I learned a love of silence." --Becky

"I want to thank the sisters for your warm hospitality. I never felt like I was in a retreat house (in the sense of it being a business) but felt like an honored and loved guest in a family home. You spirit of love, service and hospitality refreshed my heart and eased my mind and spirit about being a non-Catholic in a very Catholic setting. Many thanks and blessings upon you and your ministry." - Lynn

"When I walked through the doors I could feel my blood pressure lower and pulse calm. When I left I felt revived and refreshed, trusting it was not just my own inner quiet and prayer time but the prayerful intercession of all there that brought on that feeling. Yet my time there simply added fuel to my prayerful fire and I look very forward to coming there again soon." - Christy

"May God bless you abundantly for your wonderful hospitality during my Retreat. You have taken care of all of my needs while allowing me the experience of solitude that I was desiring. I truly enjoyed celebrating the Eucharist with you each day and I sensed that all of you were praying for me and with me." - Sr. Marie Goretti

"I'd like to THANK you for a wonderful, tranquil, and focused personal retreat. In the quietness of the paths, the beauty of the lake, the hospitality of meals and an extremely nice room - I felt relaxed and was able to reconnect with God and listen to Him. My missionary calling has been renewed and reinforced. My wife and I will be applying for overseas service shortly, Lord willing! Thank you again for a wonderful experience under the generous hospitality and loving grace of the monastery." - Larry

"I cannot begin to tell you how much this weekend has meant to me. What a rich blessing to be here with you in this holy place, on this holy ground. You all absolutely radiate joy! It is easy to see how happy you are being a bride of Christ. I never realized the true beauty of that gift or of being a contemplative until now. It is just overwhelmingly awesome." -- Larena --

"Thank you for your kindness on this much-needed retreat. God has given me many graces these past few days. Thanks for being His instruments. I'll be leaving here refreshed and recharged to do His work." - Marian

  "I wanted to take the time to once again thank you for an amazing retreat experience! I was so impressed by your facility, the meals, the grounds, and all of the sisters. The morning masses and prayer times really helped broaden my experience with the Catholic Church, and spending time with the Lord at your home really confirmed my decision to join the Catholic faith." - Rachel

".....Your spiritual proximity to Christ Crucified coupled with your incessant intercession on behalf of the local Church has produced abundant fruit....your charism is most urgent in our day."  -- Bro. Thomas  

"After leaving the other day I immediately missed being with you, the quiet of the monastery setting, prayer with you, my own quiet time in prayer, walks along the paths in the woods, excellent meals, a restful and refreshing time while on retreat.  Thank you for providing your gift-charism of hospitality.  Along with your contemplative lifestyle, certainly hospitality and a welcoming spirit is there among you, and I am grateful."   - Fr. Donald  

"To sacrifice is to love or put more simply, sacrifice is love. I am so thankful this week for all the little sacrifices you offered for me and the love you showed me which flows from the ultimate act of love, from Jesus on the Cross. I am thankful especially for your prayers. It was so powerful being on retreat this week knowing that you were praying for me. I arrived here Sunday night worn out from a long journey and with vocational uncertainty as I approach ordination, but from the moment I walked in I experienced great peace and leave here with much greater confidence and much greater clarity of God’s Will for my life. God spoke to me through the Scriptures thru my lectio in this very holy place. I ate like a king all week. The meals were great. I never knew I could work up such a big appetite from prayer. The facilities are wonderful and there is such a great peace in the house. I enjoyed my 1 p.m. walks on your paths and even saw 3 deer one of the days. I loved praying in Chapel with you the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Liturgy of the Hours and Holy Hour. When you sing you Sisters sound like angels--very beautiful! One of my favorite memories of your monastery was a few days ago prior to my 1 p.m. walk I was standing in the parlor outside of the Chapel reading the Western Kentucky Catholic and heard you Sisters giggling and giggling and my heart was filled with joy because I thought, you know, this is what Sisters should sound like--great holy laughter, the joy of the Lord! I am thankful to God for your Retreat Ministry and your prayer for the Church.  Be assured of my prayers for you for your intentions and well-being. In Christ through Mary Immaculate" - A Seminarian

"My retreat has been a wonderful experience. It has been very spiritually enlightening. The accommodation and food are always the best. I have come to visit often joining the Nuns in office or Mass, have been on several solitude retreats, and now I have made my first retreat here. I joined as an 'Oblate Associate' because I feel I just have to be connected in some way. For those who are considering coming, I do suggest and encourage it--it will change your life, I promise!" -Sharon

"I thank you for the wonderful opportunity of making a directed retreat here at the Passionist Monastery and Retreat Center.  The beautiful Monastery Chapel and the whole Retreat Center are special places to experience God's Sacred entering into the Holy of Holies with angelic choirs of angels. Being welcomed to the Liturgy of the Hours and sharing there chants of praise and worship have enabled me to experience the joy of Communal prayer with the Sisters.  The whole atmosphere lends itself to a contemplative setting for prayer. I've been awed by the beauty of the grounds, lush green grass, a lovely clean water lake, as well as several paths to small shrines in the nearby woods. It has been a graced time to make my retreat here I sincerely appreciate the gracious hospitality, lovely accommodations--very nice rooms and private baths and nice meals." -Sr. Mary Jo

"I can hardly find words to adequately express my appreciation for the atmosphere and accommodations during this time of retreat. The quiet and prayerful solitude you provided meant a great deal to me. Thanks to you and your Sisters for providing this wonderful place. May God continue to bless you with more vocations."  -Sr. Marie Goretti

"As I prepare to go back into the world, I'm relieved and hope-filled because of your prayers for the world.  I once again enjoyed my time here.  I described it to a friend as a coming home again. I always feel God's love a little more intensely when I come here to spend time with Him and with you. Thanks again for all you do!!  My prayers are with you. May our Lord continue to bring you vocations. Till next time.....In Christ through Mary,"  -Robert

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your hospitality during my retreat last weekend. The facilities and grounds were impeccable and the food was delicious! The monastery is a perfect setting to relax and clear your mind so that you can open up your heart and soul to prayers. During my stay, I prayed for a deeper understanding of God's love and by the time I left on Sunday I felt like I had taken a BIG step in my walk with Christ.  When I got in my car to leave, I was a bit saddened to think about going back to my routine.  But, I know that when things get a little hectic, I can think back to that peace I enjoyed while at the monastery and pray for God's divine guidance. Thanks for everything."  --Tim

"Thank you once again for having us here this weekend for retreat. It has been a wonderful setting in which to think, pray, relax and plan for the future. This is a beautiful place-the Chapel, Retreat House rooms and facility, and grounds. Your work and the monastery are in my prayers. I'm sure there are challenges, but it is a beautiful life-way of living for God. Thanks again for your efforts and those of the Sisters who work to make this a special time for the retreatants." --Coleen

"I can't thank Our Dear Lord or you all enough for allowing me these past two days to experience refreshment and calmness at this oasis of peace.  Thanks for allowing us to join you for the Liturgy of the Hours, your voices are like that of angels and that prayer time is a bit of Heaven on earth along with the Mass!" --Debbie

"My deepest thanks to you and all the Nuns for allowing me to make my retreat at your retreat house once again. God bless and prosper you and all your Community. Each of you is a special blessing to the Church and to the world. I surely experienced the fact that you all have that directive down pat - the one about treating all guests as the Lord Himself! Love and prayers,"  --Mary

"Wonderful, once again the Holy Spirit has entered the desert of my being. I am refreshed and ready to delve deeper into my soul. May God bless you all."  --Catherine

"My retreat was a definite hi-lite in my life, and the prayers of all of you are so graciously appreciated. And I do return that favor. Thank you again and again - you are all in my prayers." --Carolyn

"I want to thank you for my recent retreat experience. It was the first time I have been to your monastery. It was a many-splendored retreat. The atmosphere of the monastery is one of joyful prayers. I participated in the chanting of the Liturgy - which was somewhat of a heavenly experience. Your voices have an angelic quality and your prayerfulness is contagious. I also benefited greatly from praying in the small chapel in the retreat house area. The monastery is nestled in a beautiful area of KY where there are flowers, tall trees, paths and manicured lawns - all of which add to the serenity of the total experience.  I know the retreat brought me MUCH closer to the Lord, on my Journey of Love.  I would like to return again at some time in the future." --Martha

"Much thanks to all the Sisters and to God for this quiet place of prayer, peace and beauty.  I will remember you in my prayers."  --Patty

"The theme of our retreat "The Christian Meaning of Human Suffering" could not be more meaningful to me at this time. Having a child terminally ill has made me more aware of human suffering in the world. This suffering has definitely brought me closer to God in prayers. Based on this retreat I will not permit this pain and suffering to be wasted. Thank you for this opportunity to grow in my faith and love for God. The accommodations are superb! The grounds most beautiful! The Mass and you Sisters music and singing make it a most rewarding spiritual experience. Thank you all!" --Jim

"Thank you for your kind hospitality. It's five-star and your support staff is truly heavenly!!" --Evelyn

"What a blessing this Retreat has been for me. God Bless you for calling me!! I do hope you will let me come back!" --Theresa