FAQ: Why fast?


During Lent, we are sharing some reflections from our nuns on common questions about the Passion of Christ, redemptive suffering and penance, and some aspects of cloistered contemplative life.  Read some of the other FAQs here, here, & here. We hope these may answer some of your questions, or help you to respond to the questions of others!

Question #4: Why is it necessary to fast?

It is good to fast for several reasons. When we deny ourselves food or foods that we like, we are strengthening our wills so that we don’t just give into every craving of our bodies. The will ultimately should have mastery. When we fast we are also acknowledging the primacy of the spiritual dimension. Life is not just about food and material pleasures. “Man does not live on bread alone.” Fasting ultimately is meant to raise our minds and hearts above earthly cares and turn them to God.