Passionist Family, Near and Far

Community of St. Joseph Monastery with the Holy Name Retreat Center Board of Directors in the parlor.

Last week, the Holy Name Retreat Center Board of Directors made their way from Houston, TX to our Guest House for a retreat focusing on how to live and share the Passionist Charism. It was like a little family reunion, as we had met many of the board members during their retreat here last year, and they brought along three of our brother Passionist priests to assist with the retreat. Fr. Joseph Barbieri, CP, himself a member of the board, was joined by Fr. Donald Senior, CP (residing in Chicago) and Fr. Gwen Barde, CP (residing in Rome as a General Consultor to Fr. Joachim Rego, CP), both visiting our monastery for the first time. We hope to see them all, again!

Sr. Maria Faustina, Fr. Joe Barbieri, CP, Fr. Donald Senior, CP, Fr. Gwen Barde, CP, and Sr. Mary Elizabeth