An Office Fit for Penguins

Each year, the summer brings us an array of exciting events. The Feast of the Assumption, our American Independence Day, the onslaught of cicadas and near-weekly thunderstorms…but perhaps foremost among them is:

The Great Fridge Clean

Two weeks ago, we rallied the troops to clean out the walk-in fridge. This year, it just so happened that we had two aspirants and two visitors on a week-long live-in when Sr. Cecilia Maria and Sr. Lucia Marie planned to tackle the cleaning. Take a peek at the masked bandits…er, assistants, I mean…

But perhaps the best moment of the day came when Sr. Lucia Marie stopped by the check on the fans drying out the squeaky-clean fridge. Imagine her surprise to find that somenun had set up a nice little office for her! Alas, it had to be dismantled so the normal fridge contents could be reinstalled, but not before we snapped some pictures for your enjoyment.