Tiptoeing Through the Tulips


Our Lady’s month of May is upon us, and so we begin our community’s annual 8-day retreats. Today, half the nuns enter into this special time of extra solitude, silence, and rest with the Lord while the other half hold down the fort. Later this month, we will swap roles and the Marthas will have their chance to sit at the feet of Jesus. Please keep us all in prayer as we seek the face of the Beloved and offer loving service to our Sisters!

Springtime is always lovely in Kentucky, and we always look forward to extra time out in God’s creation during retreat. Here’s a snapshot of the beauty He’s strewn about the monastery, with the loving assistance of Sr. Mary Therese’s green thumb.

(P.S. Sister Blog Mistress is among the Marys, so if your comments are not approved immediately, don’t panic - she’ll get to them after retreat!)


Not all garden visitors are as welcome as our Postulant, however…