First General Chapter of the Passionist Nuns

“In the heart of the Church we radiate Crucified Love”

“In the heart of the Church we radiate Crucified Love”

After nearly a month in Italy for the First General Chapter of the Monastic Congregation of the Passionist Nuns and two days of travel back to the states (including a layover in London which introduced our Sisters to the wonders of British breakfasting!), Mother John Mary and Sr. Mary Veronica returned safely to their “old Kentucky home.” We let them rest for a few days before we began peppering them with questions:

How was Rome?

What was it like to meet Pope Francis? To be in St. Peter’s? To see where our Holy Founder lived?

What’s next for the Monastic Congregation?

What was the best kind of pasta you tried? And more importantly, did you eat a cannoli for me?

So much new information to share with our community! So we’re sure you understand why we’ve only just now found a moment to share with you some highlights of the Chapter. Here’s an assortment of important people and events from the work of the General Chapter in Rome - click the images to view full-size with captions, and keep a lookout for more photos from the Passionist pilgrimage sites in the near future!