Movie Night, Passionist Style: New Docu-Drama on St. Paul of the Cross


What?…St. Paul of the Cross documentary-drama film premiere


When?…10pm EST


The Passionist Fathers are gearing up for the Tricentenary of the founding of Passionist Congregation’s male branch, and as part of their preparations they teamed up with EWTN on the production of a new, original documentary-drama film on the life of our Holy Founder! If you’ll be in Rome this month, there will be a special preview of the film on October 19th (details here), but if you’re on the American side of the pond like we are, you’ll have to wait for October 20th, when the television premiere will take place at 10pm EST on EWTN. What a wonderful way to celebrate St. Paul of the Cross’s feastday! To learn a little more background on this film, check out this article.