If Devotional Titles Were Job Descriptions...

When each nun in our community received the holy Passionist habit, she also received her religious name and a devotional title, reflecting some aspect of the faith or mystery of Christ.  However, aspirant Theresa had an entertaining thought - what if titles were job descriptions?  Then our community would be populated by such nuns as:


Mother John Mary of the Never-Ending Inbox

(Mother John Mary of the Indwelling Trinity)


Sister Marie Michael of the Chapel Bouquets

(Sister Marie Michael of the Holy Eucharist)


Sister Mary Therese of the Japanese Beetles

(Sister Mary Therese of Jesus Crucified)


Sister Mary Veronica of the Iris Bed

(Sister Mary Veronica of Jesus Crucified)


Sister Lucia Marie of the Liturgical Calendar

(Sister Lucia Marie of the Mystical Body of Christ)


Sister Mary Agnes of the Crunched Numbers

(Sister Mary Agnes of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus & Mary)


Sister Frances Marie of Sister Mary Elizabeth

(Sister Frances Marie of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus)