In a Pickle

Our poor Sr. Cecilia Maria came down with a mysterious ailment. It started with a funny rash, bumpy and green. Then, we noticed a strange look in her eyes.  

By the time we consulted the doctor, he confirmed our fears. Sister had contracted an acute case of cucumbitis! The cure? “Take a vinegar bath and call me in the morning.”

Recovered from her malady, Sister decided to deal with the root of the problem: a mountain of fresh cucumbers from our generous friends and neighbors! With the help of Sr. Marie Michael and Sr. Maria Faustina, she set to work.

They washed. They peeled. They sliced. Finally, they loaded everything into the dehydrator.

Ten hours later, and voila! Dried cucumber slices to be rehydrated as pickles throughout the year!

And thus did our heroic nuns vanquish the cucumbitis virus and transform the green mountain into a veritable molehill.


On another note:

One of you asked and some of you are probably wondering - "where's Ruth?!"  Since last fall, many of you saw her in our photos of work, play, and prayer. The initial stages of formation the monastery are still a time of discernment, and we thank you for your prayers that she would hear and follow God’s will.   It seems our Lord has a different plan for her than life in a Passionist monastery. We miss her tremendously but there is peace and joy in knowing she is following the Lord’s call to be a light and a leaven back out in the world.  Keep praying for all men and women who are discerning a priestly and religious vocation!