Birds of a Feather

Our ever-resourceful Sr. Mary Andrea recently decided to give an old wooden pallet a new lease on life. With the help of some power tools, nails, and a novice, she transformed the slats into a birdhouse! Once it’s hung up by the garden, we hope it will invite some good neighbors – robins – to help control the resident insect rabble-rousers.

Of course, with birds’ nests come baby birds, and we are excited at the prospect of watching the little ones grow and fledge next spring. In the meantime, there’s plenty of fledging to anticipate inside the monastery. Yes, take a good long look at that photo, because on August 15, Sr. Frances Marie will “molt” her white novice veil and receive the black veil, Passion Sign, and wedding ring of a professed Passionist Nun!

Please keep this beloved “Dove of the Crucified” in your prayers as she begins her retreat on August 10th in preparation for her first profession of vows. We will certainly be asking the Lord to touch each of you with the incredible graces that surround the consecration of a new Bride of Christ!