Arrivederci Roma

We leave you with a few more Italian pics!

While walking to their car parked near St. Peter’s, Mother John Mary and Sister Catherine Marie encountered these stately fellows. Fr. Floriano, C.P. jokingly told them that two cloistered nuns needed two guards for protection. Anyway, they posed with our sisters for a photo, and rarity of rarities, the Swiss Guards are almost smiling!

Here you can see the indomitable Fr. Floriano, C.P. – he seems to have boundless energy, and has climbed the mountain in the background, Gran Sasso (the highest peak of the Apennine Mountains), over 20 times, even offering Holy Mass at the summit! This photo was taken on the way to our Passionist St. Gabriel’s Shrine at Isola Gran Sasso.

This is the spectacular view from Our Holy founder’s cell at St. Joseph Novitiate on Monte Argentario. You can see why the lagoon below the mountain is a resort area nowadays.

Beyond this statue of St. Paul of the Cross, found at SS. John & Paul, you can glimpse the Colosseum. It is extremely near the Passionist Generalate – so near, in fact, Mother and Sister Catherine Marie were kept up at night by a rock opera performance in the historic entertainment center!

Arrivederci amici!