Gardens Enclosed

Throughout the spring we were busy ("fun" busy!) planting flowerpots to spruce up the nuns’ courtyard and the areas around our Retreat House. With the arrival of summer’s heat, we aren’t planting too much anymore; the time has come to weed and water gardens, mow lawns and water flowerpots, trim mint and water…did we already mention watering? Thankfully, we have a well from what to draw water because we would not be able to afford to pay for all the water to keep the plants alive! Kentucky’s heat and clay soil makes for a lot of watering to be done!

We would also like to give special thanks to our special donors who gave us A LOT of year-old mulch this year and many of the plants you see in these photos.

But the results are well worth it. Here’s a sampling of the gardens (and gardeners) around St. Joseph Monastery this year.