Monastery Update

My dear blog friends, I want to share with you the following monastery news: Official church documents on religious formation emphasize the need for a lengthy and adequate discernment before a candidate is admitted to perpetual vows. The Church gives 9 - 12 years for this discernment before perpetual vows.  The discernment is always done with much prayer and guidance.

Several weeks ago we said goodbye to Sister Rose Marie as she returned to lay life. The fruits of the Holy Spirit were very evident as God’s plan for her life came into clearer focus. We all miss her and her wonderful family so much. Please keep her in prayer as she continues to follow God's will seeking to implement all she received here and to be a nurturing presence of God in the world.

May we all seek to find, follow and fulfill his loving plan with such courage as she is now doing.  We love you dear sister in Christ Crucified!

Mother John Mary