Lolek Productions' Photo Shoot at the Monastery

It all started with a desire to make some vocation posters...we needed some really good photos to work with. I contacted our friend Larena Lawson to see if she could help us and she suggested that Fr. Josh McCarty come over and see what he could do.  On May 5th, Fr. Josh and Larena showed up with LOTS of photography equipment and TONS of energy!  Fr. Josh is the founder and operator of Lolek Productions.  Read the blog post about their visit to our monastery. Here are some of the photos. God-willing, Sr. John Mary, will now make time to get some vocation posters created and printed!

Enjoy this small sampling of the photos he took. Thank you Fr. Josh!

I'd love to have some input from you. Please see below the photos...

I'd appreciate your input! One of the vocation posters I want to create is a life-size poster of a nun to be set by the table where our vocation materials are being displayed at Youth 2000 retreats, vocation retreats, etc. Please look at the last two photos of Sr. Mary Andrea. One outdoors smiling and the other holding the crucifix.  A few words and our blog address will be added to one of these photos to make a poster. Which of these photos would you use to draw young women to our vocation materials' display table and ultimately to consider Passionist life as their vocation?  When you leave your answer in the comment box would you also let me know if you are

1  Male

2 Female

and what age bracket you fit in...

a) under 15 years old

b) between 15 and 25 years old

c) between 26 and 36 years old

d) over 36 years old

Thank you for your assistance!  If you want your comment to remain anonymous let me know and I'll delete your name before approving it.